Partnering with CultureALL

Humanities Iowa is proud to partner with CultureALL to bring their Open Book story sharing project to communities throughout the state of Iowa.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. The same is true of people.

Are you seeking ways to learn about the real-life experiences of people who live in Iowa but have very different life experiences from your own?

CultureALL’s Open Book project is a unique story-sharing experience in which Iowans from a variety of faiths, countries, sexualities, disabilities, and many other identities describe their defining moments. Each storyteller becomes an Open Book to you when you sit beside each other in a welcoming conversation.

During an Open Book program, you will get:

  • An opening that prepares you for the story-sharing process.
  • Small group break outs with fewer than 15 people per book.
  • An Open Book story, followed by discussion.
  • A second Open Book storyteller, followed by discussion.
  • A closing to complete the experience.

How to schedule an Open Book event:

  1. After looking at the Open Book Catalog: ;
  2. Confirm your event/program details;
  3. Request funding.