If You Are Awarded a Grant

If you are awarded a grant, you will be required to accept the following responsibilities:

  • Expenditure of grant funds can occur only during the term of the grant as defined by the beginning and end dates, and must be for materials, services and grant activities conducted during that time
  • The uses of the grant funds are limited to those specified in your proposal. They are subject to the conditions and requirements of HI. A summary of those requirements, entitled “Administrative and Fiscal Requirements,” is included in the Project Director’s Handbook, which is available on this website. (Click here for Grants Administration.)
  • You must generate in-kind and/or cash support for the grant project in an amount at least equal to your grant award amount. This cost sharing must be expended during the grant period.
  • Requests for changes in the scope of the project, project personnel and/or project budget must be submitted by letter or email to HI for approval as specified in the Handbook.
  • Humanities Iowa and the National Endowment for the Humanities will be credited as funders of the project in all promotion, print or otherwise.
  • Humanities Iowa will be provided with a copy of any digital audio or video recordings made of live public programs included in this project. Unless prohibited by the presenter’s contract, HI may post these recordings or excerpts from them on its website or on its affiliated Internet media pages. HI must be informed of any restrictions on the use of audio or video recordings in the grant’s final report.

Have Questions?

Humanities Iowa staff welcomes the opportunity to consult with applicants on proposals by telephone or e-mail.

Please contact Heather Plucar, Grant and Finance Director, at heather-plucar@uiowa.edu or at (319) 335-4150.

We will work with you to strengthen the application and answer questions.

If you would like to submit a draft proposal for critique, please do so several weeks before the deadline and we will help you refine the document before you submit a final version.